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BBA Certification for cavity wall insulation and stabilisation

BBA Certification for cavity wall insulation

Walltite CV 100 is designed to be injected into cavity wall structures and is typically used in both new build and refurbishment projects.

The recently achieved BBA certification will be of particular interest for the refurbishment market with hard to treat cavities specifically targeted for treatment under the Energy Company Obligation funding scheme.

Product testing proves the efficacy of Walltite CV 100 for cavities as narrow as 40mm, where the U-value of the finished wall structure will be between 0.39W/m2K and 0.56W/m2K depending on the materials used in the existing wall.

The certification also recognises the use of Walltite CV 100 as a cavity wall stabilisation system for use in masonry cavity walls in which conventional wall ties have corroded.  The product stabilises the wall by adhering to the inner surfaces of the cavity and providing a continuous structural connection between the two leaves.

Once applied, Walltite is immensely durable and can be expected to have a life span equivalent to that of the structure in which it is incorporated.

The most recent English House Condition Survey suggested that there are currently around 3.2 million houses in the UK that have hard to treat cavities and BASF regards this as an area of huge potential for the WALLTITE product.

Only installations that have been completed by accredited Foam Master contractors are covered by the BBA certification, so contractors interested in capitalising on the opportunity should contact BASF to find out about the training programme.

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